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Alien Shooter 2 The Legend felibab




Besides all new visual effects and interface this game has almost all features from Alien Shooter, improved, extended and prepared for the new generation of game players. Did you already know that Alien  is realeased as freeware? That's why we reworked the interface, prepared for many players who were unable to play Alien , improved the replay functionality and many other things. Now you can play a long-lasting game with the legendary gameplay with new graphics, sound, interface and more. Game Features: -Use your remote to: -Pick up items, clear areas, teleport, set traps and trigger special events -Take pictures, find the score, activate an item -Open the key -Stop the timer -Take notes -Undo your actions -Solve minigames -Change the game rules and set parameters -Control the game from the remote control -Create your own levels -View the statistics -See and share the screen with other players via internet -Mute the sound and hear it while your partner plays -See the score of all players in the game -Spectate any other players in real-time -Replay your game -Play the game as fast as you want -Share the replay video in youtube, itouTube, Vine, tumblr, google+ and facebook -Pause the game and take a photo -Control your partners actions on the screen with the remote NOTE: The game saves the information about your actions and can replay it later. To disable this feature, go to the game options and uncheck the "save replay actions" button. About the game The game starts with the camera flying through the spaceship. After that the player is taken to an old, dead spaceship and starts searching for a way to go on to the next level. If you see a console, there will be an option to play a mini game, or to view the statistics. If you chose the statistics, you will see a grid and a list with what actions were taken during the game and what their score was. From this list you can also find which mini game you should play. There will be a button next to each action which will start the action. After you played the game and collected all the items, you will be teleported back to the spaceship where you'll find the key to the next level. To change the game rules, you can press the "reset" button.



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Alien Shooter 2 The Legend felibab

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